Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy – A barefoot massage technique designed to create a structural change in chronically tight muscles. Standing on the massage table and maintaining balance with bars suspended from the ceiling, the therapist will use clean, smooth feet to provide fluid and consistently deep strokes over the entire body. This treatment is highly effective for individuals with chronic tension and those who like deeper pressure. It comes from the Japanese words "Ashi" meaning "foot" and "Atsu" meaning "pressure".

This massage is NOT appropriate for women who are pregnant or trying to conceive, people with osteoporosis, people on blood thinners, or after surgery.

Cold Stone Migraine Therapy – (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) A fast acting remedy designed to dramatically reduce or eliminate the pain associated with migraines and most headaches. The treatment uses headache point releases, specific aromatherapy, and 12 specially designed marble stones that are kept cold and then applied to the face. This unique combination counteracts the symptoms that make headaches and migraines so debilitating. While this treatment is especially helpful to receive as soon as you know a migraine is coming (but before it hits), it can be beneficial at any point.

Please do not wear any make-up to these sessions.

Cupping – A deeply relaxing massage where a trained therapist will apply either silcone or glass cups to your body to create negative pressure. This suction helps to increase blood flow, create space for the tissue, regulate lymphatic work, and so much more. 

Hot Stone – A deeply relaxing massage which combines smooth, basalt stones heated in water with traditional massage strokes and harnesses the healing power of heat. The stones warm the muscles faster resulting in a deeper relaxation and a faster unwinding of tense muscles. This modality is especially nice in winter when our bodies have tightened from the cold.

Prenatal – A massage technique which is designed to help regulate more comfortably the many physical and hormonal changes women undergo during pregnancy as well as reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, and relieve muscle discomfort. According to the American Pregnancy Association, massage can even improve labor outcomes and newborn health. Massage is safe during all stages of pregnancy. If you have any concerns, please talk to your health care provider.

Relaxation/Swedish – A soothing and relaxing massage designed to reduce stress and ease minor aches and pains including joint stiffness. Using five basic strokes, Swedish generally provides a full body massage with light to medium pressure. This session is great for anyone looking to relax and unwind.

Therapeutic – A special blend of massage techniques that work the muscle tissue from multiple angles and at multiple depths. Usually the pressure starts out lighter and then gradually increases to reach deeper layers of muscle. (The depth will never exceed the client's comfort level.) This style is recommended for people dealing with chronic pain and discomfort.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.